About Flora Nurseries

Flora Nurseries is a company full of passion, hard work, scope efficiency, and more than all, we are a group of experienced members. High-quality service and faith are the centers of our core. We strive to work each day with our full potential in order to provide the best services to our customers. Furthermore, we want to deliver our knowledge and expertise to the maximum number of people who could help in flourishing our local ecosystem.

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Our mission is to become your favorite destination for the indoor, outdoor, garden, and ornamental quality living solutions. We are dedicated to making gardening and plant growing enjoyable for everyone.

As plants are among the most beautiful gifts of nature and always enrich our lives with beauty and refreshment. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of plants, gardening products, plant accessories, and services. You can get our indoor and outdoor plants, seasonal seeds, ornamental plants, and landscaping to make your space greener and enjoy nature closely. 

Our nursery also carries gardening tools, planting accessories, and decorative gift items along with a large collection of high-quality seasonal houseplants, landscaping, fruit plants, and other garden ornaments.

Quality Over Quantity

FloraNurseries offers What?



Plants, Pots, trees and shrubs, gardening tools, ornamental plants, and other relevant items are available.


Plants with Pots on monthly basis on rent. If you are not sure about your purchase of a particular plant ...


Experienced gardener services on a weekly or monthly basis for your Lawn, Garden, and Plants are available.