Plants, Pots, trees and shrubs, gardening tools, ornamental plants, and other relevant items are available. All the items are guaranteed to grow. If you are not satisfied with any delivered product we will gladly replace, exchange, or offer a refund. We allow you to purchase plants and other accessories from anywhere, and have them delivered to your home. We will like to do whatever meets the requirements of our customers.



Plants with Pots on monthly basis on rent. If you are not sure about your purchase of a particular plant, then we have a solution. You can get it on rent for a specific amount of time, and once you feel confident then you can buy from us. All the planting tools and accessories are available. Rent direct from us, or leave an online order. We strive to deliver products of your demand.


Experienced gardener services on a weekly or monthly basis for your Lawn, Garden, and Plants are available. We are dedicated to providing exceptional gardening services. Our gardeners’ expertise and knowledge will pass along to you to ensure the success of your plants and garden. They will come to your home to help fulfill your planting challenges.